A downloadable demo for Windows

Vind is a demo of a project made by Forgotten Key. It's a prototype meant to demonstrate some basic parts of a new game in a new IP we call Vind.

The demo you can play here would at most be called an early pre-alpha version of the game we imagined we would build.


Vind is a game about helping people, getting to know both characters and the world they reside in, and having an amazing adventurous journey doing so.

In the demos we have posted here you can fly, cook, build, find stuff, talk to people, complete quests and solve puzzles.

Everything made here is or was very much WIP and we used it mainly to showcase the project to publishers and investors. Goal was to develop further, but future is unclear for the project at the moment.

Two demos

One that showcases a test scenario that showcases different elements we put together in development. Here you follow a story line, looking for a way to enter the tower you have seen in your dreams.

Another that showcases more of the flight, where we imagine the level to be a connection or transition in an open world between two different locations. This has a bit more balancing done on the flight mechanic, but no other features than that.


The demos don't contain any tutorials, so it's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to at least have a look at the control scheme down below (you need a controller to play the demo properly, both Xbox One and PS4 controllers work):
A bit tiny! Look in the sidebar for a zoom in.


Both specific demos distributed on this page are licensed under Creative Commons as defined through the link below. Linking to this page is deemed by the developers as an acceptable way to fulfill attribution in the license.

Link to license

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
TagsExploration, Female Protagonist, Flight, Physics, Story Rich, Third Person


Vind Scenario Demo (.zip) 423 MB
Vind Flight Only Demo (.zip) 423 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip-archives, unzip the files, plug in a controller and start the appropriate executable.


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what is the diffrence betwwen the two because im just trieing out games on itch and the good ones i keep and i dont realy know wich one to download

I know this is unrealted to this game, but I am looking for a copy of "Everyday Grey" is there any chance you still have a copy of it? I would love to play it!

That was really cool! It's unfortunate to know that it won't bloom into a full game :(


I played this demo understanding that it was essentially a pre-alpha demo, but I was immediately impressed. It did, of  course, remind me of AER Memories of Old (which I also enjoyed), but this game looked much more polished and, frankly, attractive. It held the promise of something really worth paying attention to, and it's heartbreaking that the studio shut-down. I hope that the devs do whatever they have to in order to eventually release this game. 

is this AER Memories of Old

or did the idea get stolen

This was a WIP made by the same people who made AER and have essentially the same mechanics, but was intended to have a completely different story.

It sucks we may never get this full game. I loved every second of the 3 or so hours I played.

check on epic games for the game game Aer memories of old 

when will this game be completed?

Sadly never most probably :( The studio shut down, and that's why it's released at all. It was only first meant as an internal demo.

check on epic games for the game game Aer memories of old 

Really a shame that this wasn't able to be finished, but I loved what you had so far so I featured it anyway. You should be proud of what you accomplished with the flight transformation, it really is the best part of the game, but everything else was just lovely. I do hope you all find a new home for your talent and for your ideas going forward. Maybe one day, the world you were trying to build will get revived. Good luck in this new phase of your careers and with all the unknown ahead!

Keep it up, looks good!

This is game is amazing! Just the flying alone feels is exciting but yet relaxing, I love the flying. It was hard to get into word on how fun it was to play. Can not wait for more.

Oh..... and now I'm sad..... I just read the comments below about the shut down.... I hope everything turns out well, best wishes.

Wow. This is really something. I hope you will succeed with this game! Best wishes.

Your games (well, a game, before this moment) have always fascinated me, Forgotten key, i'm saying what as a proud owner of AER: memories of old.

wow! this is gorgeous! ...so fun to fly! esp through clouds ((:

These graphics really do catch the eye,  what do people call this kind of graphics/modules ?


needs support for controllers other than xbox. I'm trying to use 8bitdo snes controller and i could use some kind of plugin/support for it. other than that it's a beautiful game.


my computer super laggy


Though the future may be uncertain for Vind, I greatly appreciate both the demo we have here and the work that was put into it. Even for a small taste of what could be, it is quite the enjoyable play and has a fantastic flight mechanic. From running, to flying, to a majestic swan dive into the clouds all in one go, everything works perfectly, and both the music and the graphical style compliment it very well. I only touched on the story aspect of it a little so far, but I love the designs of the characters that I've seen. Everyone seems unintentionally adorable.

Great job on this, devs, and good luck with your future endeavors.

Amazing demo, sorry about the shut down of the studio.


It's a shame your group disbanded. This was a very cool demo, and I would have liked to have seen more from all of you. 

-Matthew Hornbostel- seller of games / assets, matthornb.itch.io


I loved AER and look forward to this. Whatever may come, I wish the best for you all


I'm sorry to hear about you guys having to break up the development company that was Forgotten Key, you guys were a talented group. It was great getting a peek at what could have been and, honestly, this demo really stands up on its own. Great work team, I look forward to seeing all your work in future projects, wherever they may be!


i cant save my progress, please, can you fix that?


guys sell the source code from you games on asset stores please

Show post...

you welcome back,,,and thank u give key AER 2017 old time...this new game is wow BY QUEEN FAITH 89 ;p

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Just fantastic, and for a demo no less. I don't have a lot of criticism so far other than a few potential additions, rather than changes to things already present. The flight is so damn fluid and fun, and the transformations are so seamless, the world is vast but gives you a reason to explore it, and the whole time there is a mystery hanging over your head driving you to push on, it just fits together so well. I've divided my recording into two episodes, since it took me over an hour to finish, but here is part one! Hope you find the video enjoyable and the feedback useful!


please make the keyboard mouse setting please